Monday, March 15, 2010

A photo tour

I uploaded pics from my camera onto the computer the other day. I discovered that S had taken my camera for a bit of a tour around the house. I thought I'd share what she captured. Life from a 3 year old's perspective:


two little buttons said...

i love it
its amazing what they capture !!

lilredsquirrel said...

She actually has a good eye. I love the one of the butterfly. I laughed that she is already doing selfies!

Amy Paul said...

that's awesome. I love the last one and the up close and personal one of her teeth!
Have a happy day.
xx Amy

Nikki Cardigan said...

Such great photos. Did she tell you about them? I wondered if they were random clicking or deliberate... or both?

I am thinking this is an opportunity we need to take... as you have said, seeing the world through our children's eyes. With cameras getting so cheap, is it ridiculous to give one to a 3 year old? Or maybe we just need to teach them how to use ours. Worth thinking more about I reckon!