Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tutu love

Having a girly girl for a daughter is heaps of fun. Most days. Except when the weather or activity calls for tracksuit pants and warm jumpers. Then we need to negotiate the prettiness factor.

So I'd been looking around at kids dress ups. Something she can throw on over her jeans or long pants and still feel pretty at a moment's notice. With the added bonus being that there is no inconvenience to me. Pricey sums the majority of my dress up research. So it was off to get some fabric and some research on the internet (and discussions with one of the talented members of my knitting group - thanks Nicola!) and we are now a two tutu household.

I was delighted. S was somewhat nonplussed. She's worn one of them twice but won't even try the other one on. Hmmm. Take a deep breath.

I had visions of a little photo shoot with my happy toddler dancing around the room in each tutu. Apparently that is reserved for her fairy dress or her princess dress. Not a tutu.

So in order to show you my creations I had to get pictures of the tutus using her largest toy - whose sad puppy dog eyes don't look too wrapped to be roped into it either...Oh well. Into the dress up box they go for kids to use when they visit.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fresh air, wide open spaces

We drove up to Hepburn today with family friends. The object of the day was to take a chainsaw to a felled tree and bring the firewood home. That was for the adults. The kids had a whole other plan.

Fresh air. Wide open spaces. Muddy ground. They were in heaven.

With all the fresh air and running around the kids were zonked by the end of the day. As a parent its beautiful to witness. Even better for a quiet drive home.