Monday, March 22, 2010

Frivolous Fairy Fabric

My stash is abysmal. I buy fabric for a project. I complete the project. I fold and store the offcuts. And so it has been. My stash has a few fabrics that are projects yet to be started, but I know exactly what the fabric is for.

I always swore I'd never buy fabric for the love of it with no idea as to what I'd use it for. It appears my resolve has weakened. Never say never they say - and its true - because when I saw this fabric (Michael Miller Morning Dots) I bought 2 meters on the spot without a clue as to what I'd make with it. I just knew it had to come home with me. It's pink and green with spots - one of my favourite things - and a touch of glitter for the 3 year old in all of us. Perfect!

Any ideas for what I could do with it? The lady next to me in the shop bought some to make bunting with. Hmmmm. What to do.... For now I'm just glancing at it every now and then and smiling to myself, happy with my frivolous purchase.


Jo said...

it's beautiful, I can see why you couldn't help yourself... I would just add it to your stash and see what other fabrics it calls into your life ~ then decide what to make.

lilredsquirrel said...

Ooh I would have bought it too - and there is nothing girly at our house. The possibilities are endless. Could look good as cushions, in little frames or stretched over canvas as a pinboard in a girls bedroom of even made into a bag. A good purchase none the less. (BTW I can justify any whimsical fabric purchase. I have a shed full of the stuff, but none as pretty as this!) Nic

Clare and Angus said...

Ooh I love it J!! So pretty and I'm same as you, mad about spots! What about making a tent for a certain little girls room? A special little fairy tent for her to hide and play and (hopefully) rest in. You could fill it with lovely big cushions in green and pink! Oh how I wish I was three again...!!
Good luck and enjoying just looking at it for now :)
C xx

Pip Pip Hooray said...

cubby house curtains?? :) (Mum just made some for Kane)