Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Shadow

Just two things to share today:

S has a shadow. Wherever she goes, Is finds a way to be there too. It's adorable to watch. You should see the look of triumph on her face when she finally gets to where S is, pulls herself up to a standing position so she can see what's going on and then looks around for me with such a happy face. Thankfully S is mostly oblivious, or extremely patient with her shadow. No telling Is to "buzz off!" just yet.

I ordered a few stocking fillers and little gifts from The Tribe store. An online store with reasonably priced and great gifts for kids and mums to be.

Today I gave S the soy pebble crayons. They come in a velour pouch and when she tipped them out they created a rainbow of colour on the table. Her little hands just couldn't resist picking them up to start drawing or counting.

Looks like they were a hit...but something that Shadows aren't welcome to share just yet.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Spring weather?

It's been such a wet and cold Spring so far. I couldn't believe what I saw when I got up this morning:

So much hail that it settled? In Spring? What next I wonder?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Quick Holiday download



It was sunny. Oh, how it was sunny. It was warm. So lovely and warm. The water sparkled, the skies were big and blue. The breeze was warm and welcomed. The food was fresh,delicious and eaten in restaurants many times (ie. not too much cooking for me!). We celebrated the 70th birthday of my father in law in style.

These are the highlights.

We stayed in four places in eight days. Felt an underlying apprehension with each move as to whether my kids would actually sleep in these four different beds in different abodes for eight days (needn't have worried, they were great!). Had to juggle two bored young ones during the fresh and delicious meals eaten in said restaurants. Had our flight cancelled as we were about to board the flight home. Had to rehire our car for double the price that we'd just dropped it off at. Had to find accommodation for the night. Dodged as much family politics as I possibly could until I...well lets just say that imploding is not my style. 

These were the lowlights.

I don't like to be negative, but its not in me to only give you half the story. So with that,  I will leave it up to you to deduce how much fun you think was had. 

Now I am all thawed out and ready for spring in Melbourne. It's so good to be home. x 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Staying present

Today's date has significance for me - my dad died on this date. I can honestly say it's not front of mind for me anymore. I actually realised the date once I downloaded the pics I took of my girls. It passed unnoticed until then.

If he was here today he'd get to meet these girls of mine. How could you not die all over again from the cuteness of those butts? Excuse the pun but seriously - who wouldn't?

Incidently, this was the first time Is has stood up at the bath. She's getting so big! x