Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Baby love...

:: 3.84kg of baby love to be precise
:: a little pink one
:: 2 weeks early according to my gestational measurements. In perfect time according to me
:: She rolls onto her side - already. I may have an active one on my hands
:: introducing the newest member of our family - little Is

I'll show you more photos when I'm ready to share her with you. Until then, I'm cuddling and smelling and soaking up the newborn bliss.

Monday, November 16, 2009

A quilt for Hugo

Hugo was born 10 months ago and he's just received his cot quilt from me. Admittedly, I did give a card and gift on the day he was born...but I think we've all been waiting for the "real" gift. And now it's done. Much to my relief.

My friend dropped by sooner than expected after I finished the quilt, so I hadn't taken any pics of it. These pics are blurry and hurried - I took them before she left my house with it. No time to fuss and make them blog pretty (especially not while she's watching you with a baby on one hip and her toddler clawing at the front door to leave). But you get the drift...

Now to finish my own daughters quilt before our baby arrives. Only two weeks to go. Should be a cinch...?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Summer on its way...

This time last weekend our neighbours had a pool party - with an acoustic band. Two singers, two guitars and a drum kit. Oh, with amplifiers and microphones too. Lots of songs - enough to fill in the hours between 2 and 7pm. Lots and lots of songs.

Thankfully for everyone else in the neighbourhood they were really quite good. So at 4pm we sat out on our deck, filled the clam shell pool with water for S to play in...and soaked up the rays, music and beverages. A lovely way to end the weekend.

I think the Big Fella got the better deal on the drink front. Oh how I'd have loved a beer... :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

When I say I've been out and about...

So I got home from Daylesford on Thursday, went to an OB appoinment that afternoon. Unpacked, washed, repacked...and headed to Cape Paterson on Friday. I know - rest! I'm getting there...

We took advantage of the Melbourne Cup holiday and took a 4 day weekend. We decided to have one last holiday as a family of 3 before we welcome baby number 2. It was a great idea. We spoilt S with lots of time and attention, walks to the local shop for an ice-cream, picking wild flowers, playing in the sand, sitting on the rocks, chasing waves and walking home from the beach (you should have seen the look on the locals faces when I'd pause, grab my stomach and wait for my "stitch" to pass. It was hilarious - as if I was going to drop my baby then and there!). Throw in some bbq dinners and we had ourselves a wonderful time.

I'll let the pics tell the rest.

My view when I look down...I can spy a tiny bit of toe!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Where have I been?

Daylesford Lake

Well, since professing to be dead tired...I've kind of been out and about a bit. I know, what a whinger. If you're tired - rest! I hear you all, I hear you.

Anyhoo. Couple of weeks ago I accompanied a friend and her two little boys on a Thelma and Louise style trip (ie. no husbands, just two girls on the road...with their children) to the Daylesford/Hepburn area.

We stayed in a gorgeous old homestead and I had grand visions of spending our two evenings chatting over a cuppa while I stitched the binding on a cot quilt that is way overdue to be gifted. Not a chance. The kids were all funny about being in a different place, about having their friends there at night time, about the kookaburra's calling in the darkness...etc, etc.

Wasn't as relaxing as we had planned, but it was a lovely trip and the area is so beautiful. An added bonus was that we wore the kids out so they slept the whole 1.5 hour drive home... Bliss.