Tuesday, March 23, 2010

4 months

You were 4 months old last week. As if you knew it, you discovered your voice and talked happily all day. You've found your hands in recent weeks and stare at your feet as they dance away in front of you. You have a smile for anyone who enters your line of sight. Big, gummy, delighted smiles. Especially when we're excited for you, such as when you rolled over front to back for the first time last Sunday.

So far you've been a placid soul. You have a gentle nature but a cheeky smile, a hearty giggle and a general delight about you. At the moment while you're feeding, you'll pull off my breast, give me a cheeky smile and then get back to sucking with gusto...which is a little harder given you're smiling so widely.

You're so happy to be here with us. I feel that as the weeks roll by you're unfolding before me like a beautiful rose - lots of layers, more things to discover about you - each new stage more thrilling and delightful than the last.

You're a mummy's girl in public places. A bit shy and very quiet. When others hold you, you try to smile, but your face changes from a full crescent shaped frown to a weak smile and back to a frown while your eyes plead at me to take you back. You really are trying to be happy in someone else's arms. As soon as we put you in the car to return home from a social outing you exhale big sighs of delight and talk away, smiling the whole time. Safe in familiar surrounds.

You need to be talked through new situations. Your sister loved baths, but you need me to talk to you about what's happening - I can't just sit you in it straight away. I start by dipping your toes in, then up to your knees, then sit you in the bath before slowly lowering you onto your back. All the while I'm telling you it's ok, you're alright, you're safe, the water is warm and inviting. You look at me with a worried little face. You take in deep breaths and then hold it - not sure about any of it. Until I keep talking and you trust me and you eventually enjoy yourself kicking and wriggling away.

I never knew babies could be as easy as you are. I've honestly enjoyed every day with you. I look forward to every day to come. Thank you for being you - I love every inch of you inside and out. x


em.s said...

just too cute and touching. i hope my number 2 is as easy and delightful as yours!

leslie said...

big smiles reading this post : )

Anonymous said...

Heartfelt thoughts of a Mum - so beautifully written Julia...your daughters are individuals and so prescious.

Isabella and Sienna's Nonna xx

two little buttons said...

what a beautiful post. it stirred up all those memories of my boys as babies. what a wonderful mother you are

Nikki Cardigan said...

Julia - what I take from your posts about your girls is how important it is for you to really know them. They are not just kids - they are little people who have personalities, feelings, worries, preferences... just like us. They are lucky to have such an insightful mumma.

PS. what a beautiful photo

Pip Pip Hooray said...

she's so very beautiful Jules. I'm ashamed we've not seen you yet. I'm on facebook tomorrow to tee up a time. Love you. so happy to read your latest post... seems we're on a very similar journey. xoxo