Thursday, March 4, 2010

Little helper

Just so you don't think everything is always perfect in my corner of the world, I'll let you in on a little secret.

Here's the thing: I have a little helper.

She's 3, she's adorable, she's determined to help. With everything. I'm talking handing me my toilet paper kind of everything.


And I have to say that although I love her beyond all reasonable measures. Although she has the very best of intentions. Although I will surely miss it when this stage is gone. I need some space!

When I'm cooking, my helper stands on a little chair and has her hands near mine, grabbing, rolling, tasting, stirring, chatting. When I'm hanging out the washing my helper hands me each by one. It takes some time. When I'm having a shower my helper strips off and comes in too. And then starts washing my legs.

Yesterday I asked her if she could give mummy some space so I could finish washing the dishes she said "ok mummy" and took one step back.

I know this must seem so cute to anyone reading this. I'm sure I'll think it too in a couple of months. But right now, up close, every day when you're sleep deprived and haven't been out of the house for 10 days because your kids are sick. Well it's wearing thin.

God bless her little helpful heart.
Grant me the patience to love her addiction to helping.
Allow me to slow down enough to see the beauty in all of these moments.
But please God if I may - could I get my own damn toilet paper?

So there you have it. My little vent. Just for some balance. x


Anonymous said...

Oh Julia, I just love this, you forgot to add that, if she is not talking, she is singing, if not singing, she is humming if not humming she is whistling....she is adorable but I understand the Mother's dilemma ... bless her little heart..and her Mum.

Sienna's Nonna xx

Christie said...

Hey Juila,

you won the giveaway on my blog!

shoot me an email with your address & I'll pop it in the post.

Christie x

em.s said...

It must be hard...but hang in there. It's probably a stage and one she will get over very quickly! Imagine when she's 16 and won't lift a finger. Then you"ll look back and laugh :)