Thursday, November 25, 2010


I know my last post was all about the party and I have nothing more to add except just two things.


Blogland is a world of inspiration and I wanted to thank Sew Mama Sew  for the inspiration and tutorial (yay!) to make the scalloped bunting. I loved that it was a bit different to usual bunting and I was very happy with how it turned out.


I have to rave about the cake stand I bought from Tracey Lau. If you're not familiar with her I suggest you acquaint yourself with her loveliness.

Not only is her blog beautiful and her party preparations gorgeous - but having done business with her recently - I have to say she is a really lovely person too. Her customer service is second to none and her excitement about the products she sells is contagious. She wants you to love your purchase as much as she loves the product. And I have to say - she doesn't disappoint.

Tracey recently started selling  cake stands. They are available as a square or round stand and I think they add a touch of class to any occasion - even if it just allows your cake to be seen a little better!

I love that you can add ribbon or anything else your heart desires - I'm thinking of threading mini bunting through the holes next time.

Cake stand images used with permission from Tracey's blog

Just thought I'd share a little of the loveliness I found through blogging which inspired me while preparing for Isy's party.  x

Sunday, November 21, 2010

There's a party on the hill...

The internet was trawled for months prior for inspiration. Pretty decorations were leisurely made in the weeks before. Paper flower garlands sewed. Bunting completed. Cake ideas circulating through my mind. It was all a bit of fun.

I made a list of friends. Decided to throw caution to the wind and invite everyone. 29 kids were invited. And their parents. 26 kids confirmed their attendance.

Panic set in. Is the house big enough? What if it rains? How do you occupy 26 freaking kids? More flower pom-poms made to take my mind off it.

Party games organised to stop kids from climbing the walls with boredom. Pass the parcel. Check. Treasure hunt. Check. costs what? Ok, check. Alcohol bought to encourage the parents to mingle.

House decorated. Carpets vacuumed, garden tended to (thanks husband). Cake iced. Chose to ignore the curdled icing and soldier on. Girls were dressed. Dressed myself. Decided to enjoy this party since it was really just a few hours out of my life that could be great - and if not, it's just a few hours out of my life.

Started to relax. Mingled a little. Played the games with the kids. Found myself having fun. Kids got on just fine. Sun shone. Got sweaty. Face shiny and red. Something else I chose to ignore.

People leaving. Party bags offered. Kisses and hugs to farewell.

Photo courtesy of Jo

Feet ached. Throat sore from tiredness. Shoes off. Wine poured. Seat found. Aaaah. Mental review of the day. Giggled that my lemon tree got watered.

And just like that Isabella's first birthday was over. It was fun. She is so worthy of the effort. It helps that she smiled and laughed the whole day.

Now, I'm off to sleep for a week. Children permitting, of course. x

Thursday, November 18, 2010


IsyB you are one. Now that was one whirlwind of a year that passed so quickly. You're still so little - petite enough to fool me into thinking I still have a baby. You're still keen on the breastmilk too, so its easier to carry on with the illusion that you're not yet one, you're still my little baby that I brought home from the hospital...was it just a few months ago?

Then I look at myself in the mirror and the dark circles under my eyes remind me that neither of us have slept through the night for a year...and then it feels like its been 12 months of busy nights. 

I know I keep saying it, but you've been an absolute delight from the moment you were born. You're calm, quiet, observant, affectionate and you have a loooong fuse. It's just that once its lit...we have to get out of the way because you're a firecracker once you're peeved!

You joined our family seamlessly. You loved us all immediately. You snuggled and smiled and played and crawled your way into our hearts and now that we are a family of four it is hard to concieve that we were ever really happy without you here with us.

You love your sister. She can light up your face whenever she walks into the room. S has been a loving and patient sister and it has been her saving grace after we've endured her 3rd year - a year of expressing herself, pushing boundaries and staking her claim in our family. Seeing her love you and you love her has helped us to see S as the gentle, loving little girl she is.

You are also cheeky with a great sense of humour. You have us laughing many times. Any grumps can be forgotten with a quick game of "Boo!" which you never grow tired of. It was your first word.

I am getting used to hearing "Mummy!" from another room. How is it that my baby can talk? Aren't you still too little?

You're just about to say "Boo!" here

You're cruising furniture but not ready to walk. You can crawl at a furious pace and you don't miss out on much since you can keep up with us all as you crawl along.

You're a great eater - more of a fruit bat than a veggie girl. It must be that sweet tooth you inherited. Sorry about that...

Thank you for this year. I was told 6 weeks after you were born by a stranger that had "abilities" whilst at a childrens party that you were given to me to show me what a wonderful mother I could be. I took it with a grain of salt (because she also told me I'd have 4!!! kids) but I can see some truth in it. Perhaps its because I'm a second time mum. Perhaps its how your personality affects mine. But I have enjoyed you immensely and I look forward to the many years ahead of enjoying eachother.

Happy birthday Boo. You are so loved. x

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Girls weekend

A weekend away. All of us had been at school together at one time or another.

Comfortable. Funny. Sharing. Sewing. Bliss.


Thanks for sharing your beautiful holiday home with us Clare. x

Monday, November 8, 2010


She loves to stand but she needs a prop. Any old thing will do. x

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Grandma's love

Is got a love package in the mail this week. Some handmade Grandma's love made from 80% bamboo and 20% cotton. It is soooo soft and delicious.

My mother in law made this cardigan for each of her four babies (back in the day) and for a couple of her grandchildren until she got the hint that knitted cardi's weren't...shall we say...highly regarded.

Enter the daughter-in-law who loves handmade knitty love and Grandma is back clicking away at the needles. She gets to make beautiful things. I get to enjoy them on my babies. My babies get to enjoy being warm and looking lovely. Everyone wins!

PS. I know I was meant to be capturing the garment...but I kind of lost focus along the way. That face!