Monday, January 17, 2011


Sienna turned four while we were away. Since we were camping I didn't have an oven to make her a cake (the cake ritual is her favourite part) so we made sure we made a fuss of her in other ways.

Presents as soon as she woke up, from us and other family members. A cafe breakfast of blueberry pancakes with maple syrup. A play in the park and then an hour at a beachside childrens activity stand. A helium balloon. An ice-cream in a cone. A swim at the beach. Fish and chips in town for dinner.

Spoiled, no?

To top it off, when we got home from dinner an old family friend staying at the park had heard we didn't have a cake for S and he'd made one for her in his caravan. Chocolate cake with chocolate icing. 4 candles on top. We were so touched.

So yes, definitely spoiled and so well deserved.

Happy birthday to my beautiful S. You're growing in front of my eyes with each passing week. I just hope its fast enough for want to be so big so quickly. x

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