Friday, January 14, 2011

New Year, new skills

It’s a whole new year.

For several reasons I really feel this year is the time to close my mouth and open my ears. Open my heart. Listen. To what’s going on inside me. To what’s happening around me. Does it feel good? Is this working for me?

Listen to what others are sharing. Sit back a little instead of taking the limelight. Take stock of myself. Stop talking and start doing - quietly. Without pomp and ceremony. Without seeking approval. Without talking about it. Only talking about it.

I plan to slowly, quietly, day by day, chip away at my dreams for myself. Just for one year. This year. x


Anonymous said...

Julia, I am so happy that you have a plan for 2011 to "look after Julia". I look forward to the results which I know you will attain.
There is one more comment you need to add to your list- "Not to be too indepenent and ask for assistance in my busy week."

two little buttons said...

hooray for you. i look forwrad to watching you reach your dreams.