Friday, January 28, 2011

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Is got a couple of lovely handmade gifts for her birthday. Today I'm showcasing the perfect works of Jo who I am very excited to say gifted one of her beautiful handcrafted baby essentials bags which I'd had my eye on.

Here it is in my handbag. The perfect gift for mum and baby - and let me tell you this gift has had a good workout. It's always with us on hand ready to be used...which it invariably is and will be for another year or two. Its not only useful to have everything you need for a nappy change in one small bag, its beautiful to look at too.

Be warned, the change mat is a show stopper...or should I say nappy change stopper. I've been known to say - yes by all means you can have a look...after I've changed Is!

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I find it also suits my needs with a one and four year old in the family. I'm so over nappy bags but still need to accommodate their needs. Given that I can also fit in a spare pair of undies for any 4 year old accidents that my happen, I'm pretty much thinking its perfect.

Here is a link to Jo's shop and her gallery. You won't be disappointed that you stopped by. x

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Kristi said...

i really loved reading your comment made me smile. thanks for your kind words. it's such a small world, isn't it?