Thursday, November 25, 2010


I know my last post was all about the party and I have nothing more to add except just two things.


Blogland is a world of inspiration and I wanted to thank Sew Mama Sew  for the inspiration and tutorial (yay!) to make the scalloped bunting. I loved that it was a bit different to usual bunting and I was very happy with how it turned out.


I have to rave about the cake stand I bought from Tracey Lau. If you're not familiar with her I suggest you acquaint yourself with her loveliness.

Not only is her blog beautiful and her party preparations gorgeous - but having done business with her recently - I have to say she is a really lovely person too. Her customer service is second to none and her excitement about the products she sells is contagious. She wants you to love your purchase as much as she loves the product. And I have to say - she doesn't disappoint.

Tracey recently started selling  cake stands. They are available as a square or round stand and I think they add a touch of class to any occasion - even if it just allows your cake to be seen a little better!

I love that you can add ribbon or anything else your heart desires - I'm thinking of threading mini bunting through the holes next time.

Cake stand images used with permission from Tracey's blog

Just thought I'd share a little of the loveliness I found through blogging which inspired me while preparing for Isy's party.  x

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Tracey Lau said...

Thank you SO much for your generous shout out, I think you even made me blush a little. I am so glad you love the stands as I do, and it was MY pleasure to do business with you. x