Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Here we are at December already...yikes!

Just as I was talking myself into being ok that I completely forgot to make an advent calendar like I'd planned to...I stumbled upon this post (yes, Tracey saved the day again), directing me to this freebie.

A paper advent calendar. Fancy paper bags, no less. I was beyond chuffed and motivated to give it a go, even if it was last minute.

So, while S was at kinder for too two brief hours, I printed off, cut out and hung the first 10 days on our fireplace. Instead of a chocolate every day I planned on writing little notes that outlined little activities we could do every day, getting us ready for Christmas. 

When I arrived at kinder to pick S up I was all excited that I'd made the beginnings of the calendar in the nick of time. All prepared to show her a little surprise when she got home, S pipped me at the post and had a little surprise of her own for the form of a pale face, a towel and a bucket.

Fast forward to her lying on the couch (in front of the fireplace) after emptying the contents of her stomach in the car...without any interest in my pride and joy advent calendar hanging there awaiting her attention.

By 5.30pm I'd long since  given up on the notion that we'd be implementing today's activity - putting up the Christmas tree. But alas - ever the unpredictable 3 year old - she rallied, expressed interest, read the note and was dancing around me as I was putting the tree together getting both of us caught up in the string of beads she was wrapping around us.

By 5.45pm she'd lost interest and I continued until 8pm when at last it was completed.

And so it was that the celebration of Advent for this year had begun. x


Pip Pip Hooray said...

Jules you impress me so much... I wish I could have my place looking so darling.
And that's one fancy printer you've got there... mine is completely horrible and it's time I get a new one... I'm so impressed by the colour and quality of yours I would love to know what you have?
Much love to you and your beautiful girls. xx

two little buttons said...

wow look at you go !!! advent calenders, tree... it looks beautiful.
love the advent calender. hope you are enjoying this time

em.s said...

Great advent calendar!!! I love it. And so modern and trendy too. Well done you, for getting it done. (PS. you have a lovely fireplace *jealous*)