Thursday, November 18, 2010


IsyB you are one. Now that was one whirlwind of a year that passed so quickly. You're still so little - petite enough to fool me into thinking I still have a baby. You're still keen on the breastmilk too, so its easier to carry on with the illusion that you're not yet one, you're still my little baby that I brought home from the hospital...was it just a few months ago?

Then I look at myself in the mirror and the dark circles under my eyes remind me that neither of us have slept through the night for a year...and then it feels like its been 12 months of busy nights. 

I know I keep saying it, but you've been an absolute delight from the moment you were born. You're calm, quiet, observant, affectionate and you have a loooong fuse. It's just that once its lit...we have to get out of the way because you're a firecracker once you're peeved!

You joined our family seamlessly. You loved us all immediately. You snuggled and smiled and played and crawled your way into our hearts and now that we are a family of four it is hard to concieve that we were ever really happy without you here with us.

You love your sister. She can light up your face whenever she walks into the room. S has been a loving and patient sister and it has been her saving grace after we've endured her 3rd year - a year of expressing herself, pushing boundaries and staking her claim in our family. Seeing her love you and you love her has helped us to see S as the gentle, loving little girl she is.

You are also cheeky with a great sense of humour. You have us laughing many times. Any grumps can be forgotten with a quick game of "Boo!" which you never grow tired of. It was your first word.

I am getting used to hearing "Mummy!" from another room. How is it that my baby can talk? Aren't you still too little?

You're just about to say "Boo!" here

You're cruising furniture but not ready to walk. You can crawl at a furious pace and you don't miss out on much since you can keep up with us all as you crawl along.

You're a great eater - more of a fruit bat than a veggie girl. It must be that sweet tooth you inherited. Sorry about that...

Thank you for this year. I was told 6 weeks after you were born by a stranger that had "abilities" whilst at a childrens party that you were given to me to show me what a wonderful mother I could be. I took it with a grain of salt (because she also told me I'd have 4!!! kids) but I can see some truth in it. Perhaps its because I'm a second time mum. Perhaps its how your personality affects mine. But I have enjoyed you immensely and I look forward to the many years ahead of enjoying eachother.

Happy birthday Boo. You are so loved. x


two little buttons said...

the bottom photo is devine, just beautiful. and such a touching post.

Anonymous said...

Oh Julia, your eloquence and expression in your posts touch my heart. You are the most loving, committed and dedicated Mum I know (and it shows in your beautiful children). Enjoy these years with your young children, they are so very special...and grow up to quickly. Love you to bits and more xxMumxx