Sunday, November 21, 2010

There's a party on the hill...

The internet was trawled for months prior for inspiration. Pretty decorations were leisurely made in the weeks before. Paper flower garlands sewed. Bunting completed. Cake ideas circulating through my mind. It was all a bit of fun.

I made a list of friends. Decided to throw caution to the wind and invite everyone. 29 kids were invited. And their parents. 26 kids confirmed their attendance.

Panic set in. Is the house big enough? What if it rains? How do you occupy 26 freaking kids? More flower pom-poms made to take my mind off it.

Party games organised to stop kids from climbing the walls with boredom. Pass the parcel. Check. Treasure hunt. Check. costs what? Ok, check. Alcohol bought to encourage the parents to mingle.

House decorated. Carpets vacuumed, garden tended to (thanks husband). Cake iced. Chose to ignore the curdled icing and soldier on. Girls were dressed. Dressed myself. Decided to enjoy this party since it was really just a few hours out of my life that could be great - and if not, it's just a few hours out of my life.

Started to relax. Mingled a little. Played the games with the kids. Found myself having fun. Kids got on just fine. Sun shone. Got sweaty. Face shiny and red. Something else I chose to ignore.

People leaving. Party bags offered. Kisses and hugs to farewell.

Photo courtesy of Jo

Feet ached. Throat sore from tiredness. Shoes off. Wine poured. Seat found. Aaaah. Mental review of the day. Giggled that my lemon tree got watered.

And just like that Isabella's first birthday was over. It was fun. She is so worthy of the effort. It helps that she smiled and laughed the whole day.

Now, I'm off to sleep for a week. Children permitting, of course. x


two little buttons said...

beautiful post. what a beautiful day you had. well done. just beautiful.

em.s said...

looks like a wonderful party! well done. you have provided me with much inspiration for Miss Annie's 2nd birthday!

Victoria said...

What a gorgeous time you made - well done mama on a job well done, not just on the day, but in making and caring for a beautiful babe.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful party, you amaze me Julia, On the day I remembered asking you how you found the time to make 30 paper pompoms etc etc, then I thought of when I had three littlies, we just do it and enjoy it...Well done darling..x Mum x

Tracey Lau said...

How wonderful, and this is what it is all about, creating those special memories for our divine babies. Well done chic. I must say, I got a great giggle out of the tree watering, perfect!

green ink said...

She's one already?! Oh my. It looks like a gorgeous celebration.

And re: the "watering" of the tree, the little guy did you a favour as that is actually very good for lemon or any citrus trees. Full of nitrate, apparently!! ;)

Happy new year to you and your family! :)