Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Where have I been?

Daylesford Lake

Well, since professing to be dead tired...I've kind of been out and about a bit. I know, what a whinger. If you're tired - rest! I hear you all, I hear you.

Anyhoo. Couple of weeks ago I accompanied a friend and her two little boys on a Thelma and Louise style trip (ie. no husbands, just two girls on the road...with their children) to the Daylesford/Hepburn area.

We stayed in a gorgeous old homestead and I had grand visions of spending our two evenings chatting over a cuppa while I stitched the binding on a cot quilt that is way overdue to be gifted. Not a chance. The kids were all funny about being in a different place, about having their friends there at night time, about the kookaburra's calling in the darkness...etc, etc.

Wasn't as relaxing as we had planned, but it was a lovely trip and the area is so beautiful. An added bonus was that we wore the kids out so they slept the whole 1.5 hour drive home... Bliss.

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Anonymous said...

Love this pic, so serene giving a relaxed and happy memory for you.