Thursday, November 12, 2009

When I say I've been out and about...

So I got home from Daylesford on Thursday, went to an OB appoinment that afternoon. Unpacked, washed, repacked...and headed to Cape Paterson on Friday. I know - rest! I'm getting there...

We took advantage of the Melbourne Cup holiday and took a 4 day weekend. We decided to have one last holiday as a family of 3 before we welcome baby number 2. It was a great idea. We spoilt S with lots of time and attention, walks to the local shop for an ice-cream, picking wild flowers, playing in the sand, sitting on the rocks, chasing waves and walking home from the beach (you should have seen the look on the locals faces when I'd pause, grab my stomach and wait for my "stitch" to pass. It was hilarious - as if I was going to drop my baby then and there!). Throw in some bbq dinners and we had ourselves a wonderful time.

I'll let the pics tell the rest.

My view when I look down...I can spy a tiny bit of toe!

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