Monday, November 16, 2009

A quilt for Hugo

Hugo was born 10 months ago and he's just received his cot quilt from me. Admittedly, I did give a card and gift on the day he was born...but I think we've all been waiting for the "real" gift. And now it's done. Much to my relief.

My friend dropped by sooner than expected after I finished the quilt, so I hadn't taken any pics of it. These pics are blurry and hurried - I took them before she left my house with it. No time to fuss and make them blog pretty (especially not while she's watching you with a baby on one hip and her toddler clawing at the front door to leave). But you get the drift...

Now to finish my own daughters quilt before our baby arrives. Only two weeks to go. Should be a cinch...?


two little buttons said...

julia. it looks great well done.

Tamara said...

It looks gorgeous Julia. Love the colours and the stitching.

I am thinking of you in these last few weeks.

lilredsquirrel said...

I love the random squares and all hand embroidered.
I guess S will be waiting a bit longer for her quilt eh? nicola