Thursday, September 24, 2009

Windows to my soul

They say that the eyes are the window to ones soul. In my case it is so true. I can't hide one feeling behind my lashes. Each one of them are there in those chocolatey depths. Believe me, I've been caught out many times!

Tonight they reveal how utterly tired I am. Perhaps telling you that whilst I'm busy creating a little life and raising a toddler, I still went out for dinner to catch up with my girlfriends and stayed out way too late. Sometimes they talk a little too eyes and my friends.

I give thanks for my eyes. That you can see how I feel, perhaps about you, or the subject you're talking about. But I mostly give thanks for what they reveal to me:

:: countless sunrises and sunsets seen on my travels :: my daughters smile as she holds my face in her hands and zooms in for a wet kiss :: my garden blooming after a little TLC :: the bluest, widest, open Aussie skies :: they way my husband looks at me sometimes which lets me know that I am loved :: The Great Pyramids of Egypt :: the delight my daughter brings my mother each time they see eachother. Its written all over her face :: turquoise waters of the ocean :: photos my talented sister takes and shares with us :: my cat lazing in the late afternoon sun :: colours - so many gorgeous colours ::

...and so, so much more.

{30 Days of Gratitude}

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two little buttons said...

what a beautiful post.... it bought a tear to my eye.
hope you are managing to get some rest. take care. see you soon