Friday, September 25, 2009


Bluebells in the Bois de Halle, Belgium

After a long and tiring week, in truth I have had to wrack my brains for what I'm grateful for. This is the 28th post on gratitude and I'm finding that instead of gratitude becoming a habit, and seeing it all around me, I've been searching for things to feel thankful for that I haven't already mentioned.

And just now it's dawned on me. Gratitude is simple. It's found in the smallest things. It only needs to be recognised fleetingly for it to be worthwhile. No earth shattering findings, just things that make my little heart glad even for a second. And then a whole new world of grace opens up for me. It's ok to give thanks for it all. Even the smallest, fleeting things.

So tonight I share my gratitude for the first boss I had while living in London. Craig Duncan is Scottish, a happily married, old school gentleman with a talent for languages - so much so that he won't even share how many languages he can speak. He's modest too. From what I could overhear in the 2 years I worked with him I counted 7 languages...but I'm sure there are more. He speaks French at home because his wife is Belgian. He is kind, patient, encouraging...and a dark horse.

Craig can take photo's. Beautiful photo's. This is something I've only learned in the years since we parted ways. He shared this pic with me once and sent me the original when I told him I could happily stare at that scene all day. So now I can. And I will. Thank you Mr Duncan for this and more.

{30 Days of Gratitude}

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