Thursday, September 17, 2009

30 reasons to be grateful

:: Today I celebrate that she's been in my life for 30 years.

:: She's loved me relentlessly for every one of those years. It's only since I've grown up that I cherished the gift of her loyalty and unconditional love.

:: She's creative, courageous, well travelled, compassionate to within an inch of her life, forgiving, loving, stylish, quirky, hilarious and unabashedly whimsical.

:: She is loved by everyone she meets.

:: She blesses those she is close to with her love.

Happy birthday to my beautiful sister. I hope you know how much you're within an inch of your life.

{30 Days of Gratitude}


Alisa said...

J - Thank you for taking the time out to reflect on who I am to you and expressing that.. My life is so much richer having you (and your growing family) in it - you have no idea the happiness you give me.

** Thank You **

Anonymous said...

Being the Mum of these two special young women, I agree unbiasly of course to Julia's description of our much loved Alisa... I am one blessed Mum.