Saturday, June 13, 2009

What I'm lovin'

Winter has certainly settled in at home and it's cold!

We have a delicious open fireplace that we tend to use about 5 times a year due to the smelly, messy nature of it. And the fact that I didn't really know much about lighting and keeping a fire burning. So we only lit it when my Big Fella was kind enough to tend to I said, about 5 times a year.

Anyhoo. This year I'm really feeling the cold. The family room that hosts our fireplace is hard to keep warm due to lots of windows, so I've taken to learning how to keep a fire going. And it's been going. Every day. I'm lovin' it big time. So warm. Hypnotising. Beautiful. Lovin' it.


Jo said...

maybe you need to come camping with us one year? we'll teach you good fire technique... ok, scrap that, you look like you're doing a fine job already :D

are you all enjoying a co-ordinating hot chocolate too?

two little buttons said...

what a beautiful room
well done with the fire, there is nothing better than a fire going in your house