Thursday, June 11, 2009

The long, happy wait

In March our little family of three were pleasantly suprised by an unexpected pregnancy. A holiday conception. You've heard of the type...the holiday vibe is going, there's good food, good wine, good company, great conversations, lots of good will going on between me and the man...and the good times continue. Enough said.

Now I'm 15 weeks pregnant and counting. I've felt much worse this time compared to the glow and hormone induced bliss I enjoyed with S. Lets just say that I'm still waiting for the glow to arrive...and the sickness to leave :)

So we are all happily awaiting the arrival of a new family member to love in December - making us 4. But until then, I'm waiting for the next feeling those butterflies across my stomach letting me know I've got life growing inside me.

Happy times.


Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

Congratulations!! Sorry to hear you have been feeling yuck. I did too with no. 4, think I was just too busy and my body was trying to tell me to slow down, which I didn't, not until I was too huge and had too!!
Four is the best, really is, sometimes too good and makes me wonder about another.....;-) xox

Tamara said...

A huge congratulations Julia. I am so happy for you. Ella was a holiday baby Sweet memories!

I do hope you start feeling better soon, I always feel awful until about 16-17 weeks so hopefully not too much further for you too.

Take care of yourself and your little babe.

Jo said...

15 weeks already!! Hooray. I am sure that the sickies will be all but a 'nasty' memory soon ~ and then the big kicks will start. Can't wait to catch up soon - I'll ring you :D

Lexi @ PottyMouthMama said...

What a beautiful post - how exciting and happy you must be - when three becomes four. So wonderful. Congrats cats.

Hey - you won a giveaway on my blog, can you email me your address? THANKS!

h&b said...

oooooh, exciting times ! :D

Love bubbas, bubba love !

SK-Bass said...

awesome! lovely tribute to your family