Saturday, June 20, 2009

What I'm NOT lovin'

I know it's the blogging norm to quip about the joys of motherhood, the comfort of rhythms, favourite family recipes and precious family moments...I know. But in this space of my own I just have to admit that whilst I love my job, some days are shit and I need to be able to vent about it. At the moment my pooh days are literal - it appears we have a smearer in our midst.

My S is a toddler with great zest for life. She loves all things sparkly and pretty, loves dresses, loves her baby "Daisy". She's right up there in the girly stakes. So it was with some surprise that I discovered her penchant for playing with pooh. It's just not lady like.

After cleaning up her cot on several occasions in the past, I'd thought we were perhaps over this stage. That was until this day. Anthony and I had moved her out of the nursery and into her own room and a big bed. Granted the room was empty but for her new bed and bedding. She is also a climber, and after pulling a chest of drawers on top of her we weren't taking any chances.

So when it came to nap time we unveiled her new room, new bed and bedding. And we left her to explore it and then have a sleep. What I discovered 30 mins later is pictured below. Talk about marking your territory...

Within 3 hours we had cleaned the carpet, the walls, washed the bedding and put everything back together. The next day the walls got "painted" again.

I'm all for artistic expression, but I'm feeling that this is taking it too far...


Christie said...

Ew! I really hope she grows out of that stage soon!

h&b said...

oh, that *is* shit :(

But thanks for posting - makes me feel better about my boys penchant for drawing on walls, the couch etc.

Coz at least they don't use poo as their medium :(

lilredsquirrel said...

Laughing so hard I have tears. Thanks for making me smile today! I know I shouldn't laugh at your misfortune but your post is priceless! Nic

Amy Paul said...

that's really the shits.

thank God I haven't had one of those. Thanks for sharing.
xx Amy