Sunday, January 1, 2012

Two thousand and twelve


Hello 2012. So nice to see you! 

I've got a whole lot of happiness planned for this year, so I hope you're on board with that. I also have a bit of work to do, getting stuff finished that has been on my To Do list for too long. I also plan on having fun and being happy. Being productive whilst also simplifying. I plan on looking into his eyes when he's talking to me so he know's I'm listening and I care about what he has to say. That I care about him. I plan on reading their books each night at a measured pace, enjoying the moment, rather than rushing through them so I can put my tired feet up. I plan on giving myself lots of breaks, especially in my head when my standards are getting to unrealistic. I plan on helping my eldest prepare her little self for the rigours and joys of starting school, whist remembering to breathe and enjoy it too. Oh and I plan on saying a whole lot more of Yes. To the kids, to myself. Why not, I say...

So there's lots of plans 2012. You'd better get with it so you can keep up with me. Lets not disappoint eachother. Here's to a great year. x

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Victoria said...

What better resolutions are there for heading into each new day?