Saturday, December 31, 2011

Farewell 2011

As the sun sets on 2011 I just wanted to drop by to bid it farewell. 

This year has seen me deep in reflection, purging the old, choosing some dreams, making plans for them, even if those plans include accepting that I can't pursue all of them right now.

It's been a great one for me personally, but in retreating so deeply, I'm not too sure how some of my relationships have faired. Now that I'm ready to pop my head up and be part of the world again I am sure I may have some debris to clean up. But I'm strong enough and ready to do so.

Looking forward to a whole, fresh, clean new year to enjoy. Starting tomorrow. x


lilredsquirrel said...

I feel the potential. Hope the year surpasses your plans. I feel a bit the same - coming out from my burrow squinting at the light and not being sure of what is to greet me, but I am sure it will all be just fine. Best of luck xx

Victoria said...

Gorgeous photo. I am sure you'll find that others accept your absence. I always try and do right by others but do feel my greatest responsibility is to me.