Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I know I haven't blogged for ages. I'm not so much slack as I am...I think the word I'm looking for is...retreating. There is a lot going on in my head and heart. In my life. I find I am struggling to be true to any of the things that need me. This blog is feeling a little that way too. 

I love this space of mine to write whatever is on my mind. To show whatever I want you to see. To record whatever I want to capture. But for now I feel that I need less of me out there and more of my attention on me. In me. Privately.

Funnily enough I was invited to join Pinterest today, after I decided I wouldn't be blogging for a little while. Another way to put myself out there, my likes, my inspiration, my desires. I think I'll wait until I jump into that way of sharing too.

So until further notice it's going to be quieter than its already been around these parts. I look forward to returning when I have more to give.

Until then - thanks for coming with me on my journey so far. I'll see you again soon. x



em.s said...

look forward to the deeper offering you will no doubt bring.

kristi said...

take your time. go gently. x.