Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Lights

So excited in her car seat about to her pj's.

I took S out tonight to see Christmas lights for the very first time. She was the perfect age to go. The excitement of waiting up until it neared darkness. Knowing that her little sister was tucked up fast asleep as we "snuck" out of the house and drove out of the driveway towards our little adventure.

As we approached the street that I planned to visit she could see houses lit up along the way. All I could hear were exclamations of happiness from the back seat. I had the biggest grin on my face and a lump in my throat as she said "Look mum! A Santa on the roof", "oh mummy, thank you, thank you for bringing me to see the lights", "those lights...they're!" (I have no idea where she gets this stuff from, but I love it).

The pictures tell the rest. Definitely worth the drive and a great lead up to Christmas. Something we'll be doing again next year. x

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two little buttons said...

what a lovely thing to do with just S. a special moment with you. priceless.