Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Shadow

Just two things to share today:

S has a shadow. Wherever she goes, Is finds a way to be there too. It's adorable to watch. You should see the look of triumph on her face when she finally gets to where S is, pulls herself up to a standing position so she can see what's going on and then looks around for me with such a happy face. Thankfully S is mostly oblivious, or extremely patient with her shadow. No telling Is to "buzz off!" just yet.

I ordered a few stocking fillers and little gifts from The Tribe store. An online store with reasonably priced and great gifts for kids and mums to be.

Today I gave S the soy pebble crayons. They come in a velour pouch and when she tipped them out they created a rainbow of colour on the table. Her little hands just couldn't resist picking them up to start drawing or counting.

Looks like they were a hit...but something that Shadows aren't welcome to share just yet.

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em.s said...

cute :) your camera serves you well!