Friday, October 15, 2010

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It was sunny. Oh, how it was sunny. It was warm. So lovely and warm. The water sparkled, the skies were big and blue. The breeze was warm and welcomed. The food was fresh,delicious and eaten in restaurants many times (ie. not too much cooking for me!). We celebrated the 70th birthday of my father in law in style.

These are the highlights.

We stayed in four places in eight days. Felt an underlying apprehension with each move as to whether my kids would actually sleep in these four different beds in different abodes for eight days (needn't have worried, they were great!). Had to juggle two bored young ones during the fresh and delicious meals eaten in said restaurants. Had our flight cancelled as we were about to board the flight home. Had to rehire our car for double the price that we'd just dropped it off at. Had to find accommodation for the night. Dodged as much family politics as I possibly could until I...well lets just say that imploding is not my style. 

These were the lowlights.

I don't like to be negative, but its not in me to only give you half the story. So with that,  I will leave it up to you to deduce how much fun you think was had. 

Now I am all thawed out and ready for spring in Melbourne. It's so good to be home. x 

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