Friday, May 14, 2010

On a whim...Bloggers Without Makeup

I came across a post this morning. It spoke to me. Bloggers Without Makeup.

This concept speaks to me on many levels. I always keep in mind when reading blogs that the author is showing me a snippet of themselves. A snippet that they're happy for the known and unknown public to see. And that's fair enough. But keeping it in mind allows me to enjoy pictures of perfect family rooms, tended gardens, thriving vegie patches and dream holidays without feeling envious. I know these are the best parts of those things. Perhaps they look like that sometimes. Other times I'm sure they don't.

Bloggers Without Makeup also speaks to me because of the path I'm taking. I know that going without makeup is a daily occurrence for many people. It's not for me. Those that see me without makeup belong to a sacred circle of trusted people. I know that sounds dramatic, but for me to let down my guard enough to front up to your house fresh faced (and a little coy), then you can safely assume you're one of my inner circle. Not that its a posse I expect many aspire to - it's just symbolic of what it means to me.

So without too much that I don't talk myself out of it, I've decided to front up on my journey into self love and show my real self. Taken this morning in poor light. In my pajamas. May or may not have a bra on. Haven't touched my hair. Not a speck of make-up.

Welcome to my posse. x


lilredsquirrel said...

Wow - you certainly are on a journey aren't you! Well done and thank you for being so honest.
I love being in your posse but I won't be posting my picture as I still have last nights makeup on!!

Jo said...

Morning Gorgeous, isn't it nice to be so real in this space of yours ~ I love that you are sharing the you that I've known so well for so long... and you do know that you don't need any make up, right? You are so beautiful just the way that you are. ♥

two little buttons said...

and you look as beautiful and gorgeous as ever.
thanks for sharing. i am glad to know you and be able to some how be part of this journey you are taking. you are truly inspirational and inspiring.

Clare said...

Just as stunning with and without make-up. And beautiful on the inside too.

em.s said...

I've never seen you look better! Make up tries to make you something you're not, when the real person under neath is overflowing with enough beauty!

Pip Pip Hooray said...

Ohhh Jules how I relate (and I know you know I do!) :) xx It was when I was best friends with you at just 15 that I first started wearing make up! Seeing my Mum and my sister & her friends do it... I loved it and wanted to do it so much. For me I didn't see it as a way to hide I saw it as a way to enhance. Hard to believe so young. And it's become a daily ritual for me and now many times a crutch I use to give me confidence when leaving my home comfort base for the big wide world.
Thank you for posting this.. I love you for it!
You look stunning... as you ALWAYS do because it's not the make up I see when I look at you.. it's your warm and glowing heart that radiates from your every pore.
xox ♥

Spring's island art and life said...

Your Beauty Abounds!! This is such a Wonderful blog. I am looking forward to enjoying the inner circle! With joy! It's nice to meet you althought I may not recognise you the next time I see you!