Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer Daze

I spent the day with my sister on Saturday. She spoiled me all afternoon as an early birthday present. We went to see Marcus Graham (a mutual lurve) in the play Pericles. He was great. The play was wonderful. His abs were awesome.

Anyhoo. While we were chatting over coffee with ricotta doughnuts & chocolate sauce (de-licious!) afterwards, Alisa remembered that she had some photos of my little girl in her bag. She'd been meaning to give them to me for ages.

This photo is of S enjoying a warm summer day at Anglesea beach. To me it reminds me of my childhood summers spending hours in the sun and sand. Playing in and out of the water, and only remembering to eat or rehydrate when my parents would call me in.

I love this photo. I love that it has captured my little girls summer of 2009 when she was 2 and did all the fun things that her parents did too at that age. I love the clouds, the chubby toddler cheeks and the wind blown hair. I love her. I love it.
I think this was the best birthday gift of the day. Never thought Mr Graham could be upstaged so easily...


Tamara said...

It is a gorgeous photo. I am dying for summer to capture more photos of my kids enjoying more of nature.

I love it too!

Christie said...

Oh happy birthday, I think seeing Marcus Graham's abs is an excellent present!

That photo is fantastic, it makes me long for summer, can't wait to take the kids to the beach this year.

h&b said...

beautiful golden glow and a lovely moment captured in time *sigh*.