Friday, August 28, 2009

Pausing for Gratitude

I have been a subscriber to Notebook magazine for a few years now. Unfortunately I won't be renewing the subscription because it seems to have taken off in a direction I'm not loving. But that's not the reason for mentioning it...

In the April 2009 edition they featured an article called 365 Reasons to be Grateful. After reading the article and viewing Hailey Bartholomew's life in pictures and all the little things she found gratitude for during that year, I got to thinking that it would be an exercise worth doing.

So I have committed to recording just 30 days of gratitude. It's a start, and part of me feels a long shot...given my tendency to leave this space unattended for long periods of time. But a commitment I have made, so I will enjoy this journey into myself to focus on the things that I am grateful for. Big and small.

I hope you enjoy the journey with me.

The website dedicated to Hailey's 365 journey in gratitude can be found here.
(Image taken from Hailey Bartholomew's blog)


Jo said...

this is really lovely :: i am so grateful that you are going to do this :: i'l be enjoying your journey with you :D maybe i'll commit to a comment a day for 30 days *wink*

two little buttons said...

i love this idea. you know its often the little things that we take for granted that we should be mentioning. i'm looking forward to reading abd enjoying your journey

lilredsquirrel said...

I've joined you both! I am doing a month of Change! We certainly need it around here - a little attitude adjustment, waiting to here what you are going to do. Thanks for the inspiration!! NIc