Saturday, May 2, 2009

Keeping her warm

I'm what I would describe as a beginner sewer. Straight lines. A baby quilt here or there. Can't read a pattern. Don't know how to utilise my machine to the best of it's 50 stitch ability. Never done a button-hole. Getting the idea?

So I must have been in some kind of hormonal stupor last night when I rushed off to Spotlight for some cheap Polo Fleece and some tulle...
I know, they don't usually go together, but I'm having a bit of a problem at home. I have a girly 2 year old. She loves putting on dresses. The latest is that the dress must "spin" well. You know, when you twirl, there must be some good air and swish in the skirt. Hard to find in anything but summer dresses.

She also fights with me about putting a long sleeved top and leggings under her summer dresses...given it's cold now.

So I decided to replicate her current summer favourite. A "princess" dress she got as a hand me down from her cousin. It is light, airy with the best bit being the tulle overlay in the skirt that twirls and swishes beautifully.

Somehow I made this dress. No pattern. No idea. But it worked. She loves it. It's warm AND it twirls. Phew!

Now, onto making one in pink.


Jo said...

wow! look at you!!... beautifully done, and I am sure that she looks gorgeous in it.

13mimosa said...

I do know what you mean. My youngest is into handmedowns of very similar dresses, mostly since the weather turned cold. Every day she has "sensible clothes" on which I have to fight with her about, and a big dress on top!

Christie said...

Such a fantastic idea Julia, I never would have thought of that!