Monday, April 27, 2009

Getting all Granny

Whilst trawling through Flickr, I've been seeing some beautiful crochet projects on the go. Namely these ones. Gorgeous.

But alas, I can barely knit - let alone crochet - so I put my desire for a hexagon crochet rug to the back of my wish list. Given I needed to attain the skills.
Then I was introduced to the lovely Kirsty during my weekend at Sewjourn. She brought her crochet project with her. The delicious coffee, chocolatey granny squares are planned for a king size blanket. She's got guts! Kirsty was also kind (and patient) enough to show me the ropes of creating a granny square.

They're a bit wonky. Bit too loose. Not perfect enough for a blanket...and until I've mastered it I'm not moving onto circles. So in the mean time I'm practicing my squares and one of S's dolls may score a little blanket out of it. She's not as fussy as I am. Yet...

1 comment:

Kirsty said...

They look fabulous! You're going great.