Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fairy friends in the making

Inspired by this imaginative friend, I've got the ingredients ready to invite a little fairy into our home.

When I've mentioned this concept to friends and family, they've all asked the same question: "Why do this?"

Right now, seeing S make up her own stories, her face lights up. She's pulling ideas out of her head as fast as her words are streaming out of her mouth. She's got a great imagination. I want to capture it and allow her to feel like there is magic and wonder in our home. That a fairy would want to live among us and receive our artwork, our letters, our questions, our attention...perhaps our love.

I need to talk more to Nic about how much of a commitment it really is to keep the idea of a live-in fairy alive. But I can't wait to see my little girls excitement when she finds fairy dust outside the fairy door and a little letter left outside it. I can't wait to see where S will take us if I just give her the beginings of the idea.

I asked S if there were fairies - which she said there was. I asked her where she thought they might live. Under the mushrooms in our garden, she said. Luckily we do have a few mushrooms in our backyard, so I'm planning on writing the fairies a letter with S and leaving it beside a mushroom late one afternoon. The next morning S will find a fairy door on our wall with a letter addressed to her and her sister thanking them for inviting her/them to live with us.
I'm thinking their cousin the Tooth Fairy can stay when she has work to do in our house...still a few years off. So many things to do and concepts to play with.

Happy days.


two little buttons said...

its a wonderful idea embrace it we have and they love it

lilredsquirrel said...

If it were too much commitment, I would be sending the fairies an eviction notice!! Seriously they tend to come and go, and are very handy when I want them to be. The fairies have busy lives too and do not always immediatly respond. ALso the kids dont always notice and when they do it is magic and thats what it is all about. Door looks great BTW! Enjoy XX

Pip Pip Hooray said...

that's such a wonderful idea... can't wait to hear (and perhaps see?) how it goes.
I've just completed a gorgeous envelope project with a fellow Pip that I met on twitter and I immediately thought of you and thought you might like to join in? Pip has a shop on Brunswick Street called Meet Me At Mikes.
Here's the link to the fun. I've already done mine (did it practically straight away). Will be taking photo's today or tomorrow and posting on my blog soon and posting the actual envelope early next week. This kind of stuff I just adore! Perhaps the idea will take with you too.. if not.. you might just like the blog. Big love to you beautiful. xoxo ♥♥