Monday, June 28, 2010

Celebrity Crush

I've been watching Masterchef. I prefer to tape it so I can fast forward all the drama and just see the good cooking, food, locations and celebrity chefs.

They have been featuring Donna Hay a bit this season. I think I may have a little crush on her. Her food is undeniably delicious. Her magazine a feast for the eyes and stomach. Her food styling...impressive. Everything about her and her work seems to be wholesome, down to earth, simple, yet so visually appealing.  

I like her taste in home wares. I love her cupcake holders. I like that she presented on Masterchef in what looked like comfy pants and a long sleeved tee.

I like her. Alot. Right down to her stylish pony tail.

See? A crush.

Here's some of the chocolaty goodness she's shared for our enjoyment thanks to her Facebook page. I know, I'm ridiculously ridiculous...a fan of her FB page. Anyhoo.


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Eric Schiffer Fanatic said...

Donna Hay is not half bad. I actually find her cute too.

two little buttons said...

i too love donna hay
good food that always works

em.s said...

Oh no. I hear ya. All I wanted for Christmas was a Donna Hay perscrition. I nearly cried when I got it. I keep them lovingly in my kitchen and flick through them for ideas now and then. She rocks. Although Ben thinks she's right up her own cake tin!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you from my heart for the delicious gourmet meal you cook for me on my birthday....and the Chocolate buttermilk layer cake you also baked, which was no doubt inspired by Donna Hay...With Love Your Mum xx

Victoria said...

Gosh isn't it funny - as much as you love her I can't STAND her, every time she comes on screen I squeal, but not in a good way.

I agree that her food is very pretty and in that respect she's a great stylist, but nothing more.

That cake does like nice though.