Monday, February 15, 2010

Summer holiday

We recently returned from a quick 1 week escape to Merimbula to meet up with friends from Sydney. We have each had a baby since the last time we saw each other, so we decided to meet halfway, holiday together and meet the newbies.

Sun, surf, sand, poolside, walks, swims, brief book reading, food, wine and more food. Great fun, relaxing...except when Harper and S got tired and started up the 3 year old antics. The funniest/most annoying bit was when you'd try to discipline one, the other would repeat what the parent said. It went a little something like this:
Me: "S, give Harper some space. That's why he's pushing you"
Harper: "Yes! Give me some SPACE!" (while he pushes her away)

...and so on and so forth. They took it in turns. Funny how they know how to share when it comes to being ferrets!

I even got a delicious 40 minutes by the pool on. my. own. I know. By some miracle, both girls were asleep so I ran out the door with my book and towel and went to the adult pool to lay on a sun lounge and relax. After 10 minutes of quiet bliss the wind picked up. The clouds came in. I persisted. Even took a dip in the pool. It started to lightly rain. I sat there...and then gave up.
Strangely, I found that whilst I'm always craving some "me" time, after about 30 minutes of having it I was (dare I say it!) bored. It's more fun swimming when my family is with me. How I've changed my tune. Gone are the days of 3 week holidays by the beach/pool, reading 4 books and getting a tan. Perhaps I'm ok with that more than I realised... x

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