Friday, January 29, 2010

3 year old kinder

S went to her orientation session at kinder today. Her eyes nearly popped at seeing the painting, pasting and play dough stations. She didn't know which one to do first.

Meanwhile my quiet, placid baby was due for a feed right at the time kinder started. I had to wake her to take S to kinder. I chose to let her sleep as long as possible rather than feed her. Mistake. I had a crying baby as I was introducing myself and S to the teacher. Then I had to sit on a chair and feed while the mums (and dad's!) wandered around looking at everything...and avoiding eye contact with the lady with her breast out feeding. They say first impressions are lasting. Joy.

S thrived and loved every minute of the hour we were there. We have painting and pasting masterpieces to pick up next week. A good start to kinder which makes me a happy mum.

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