Sunday, March 15, 2009

As much as we love them...

We have lovely neighbours. They are everything you could ask for - friendly, easy going, happy to babysit, have a finger on the pulse of all that goes on in our court, like to catch up for Friday night drinks in the backyard during summer, she likes to go for walks at night with me to keep fit. See? Lovely.

And yet as lovely as they are...I like my privacy. We have a large back deck that looks onto their veggie patch and cubby house. It's not the prettiest view. Plus they can see me in my pj's and no bra when I'm out on the deck entertaining a toddler at 8am on a Sunday morning. It's not pretty. They've seen it.

Once Big Fella and I were discussing where our new pavers could go (in the privacy of our back yard) we heard a "good morning neighbour!" We turned to see 4 happy smiling neighbours popping their head over the fence because they'd heard us. They were surprised to see me in my nightie and slippers. Again not pretty. Again a Sunday morning.

So in an effort to save us all the unpleasantness, we have invested in some privacy. Pretty privacy on our deck. It's working. I love it.

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