Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The art of knitting

The last time I knitted would have been in high school where I learned to knit a scarf. I think it was about as attractive and useful as the windcheater I also made that year. Complete with cuffs 10cm long and a neckline that accidently turned into a skivvy. Nice.

So when I recently holidayed in Anglesea, I was drawn to all the knits on display in the shop windows and enquired as to the nearest wool store. "Oh you should visit Pear Tree Yarn in Torquay. They'll have anything you need". She wasn't wrong.
The owner of this store is kind, welcoming, child friendly, and a wealth of information. She also creates and dyes the yarn herself. I walked out of there with three skeins of 4 ply wool and size 3.5 bamboo needles. After a quick verbal tutorial on how to make "stripes" using 3 different colours, I was on my way.

It's slow going. I'm still learning my technique. Accomplished knitters find it painful to watch me concentrate and have the persistence and patience to knit such fine wool...so slowly. But I'm getting there. I'm getting better and I'm learning. Mission accomplished.
And my little girl will have a winter scarf to keep her kissable neck warm. See? Everyone wins!

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