Tuesday, August 17, 2010

8 months

On the eve of your 9 month milestone I'd like to thank you for this eighth month. You have been an absolute joy and the growing and developing you've done in one single month has been so exciting and fun to witness.

In your eighth month you:
  • learnt to crawl
  • learnt to sit up
  • say "Mama"
  • say "Dada"
  • wave goodbye whilst saying "Ba-ba"
  • Put your blanket up to your face, remove it quickly and exclaim "Aaah Berr!" (that's Ah Boo!)
  • Slept through the night 3 times!
I tell you it's been one busy month of growing and I'm watching my baby girl grow up before my eyes on a daily basis.

I still love our morning feeds together. You're so warm, peaceful and cuddly. After having your milk you nuzzle into my chest, suck your thumb and stay there until you're ready to face the day...or you fall into a peaceful slumber. It's such a nice way to start the day with you.

You are a constant source of delight for all of our family. Your gummy smiles provide endless photo opportunities and moments of joy. There is not a tooth to be seen as yet - just heavy, white gums just waiting to crack a tooth...any day now? I'm loving your gums and your sweet milky breath for more months than I expected. How lucky I am!

I can't imagine what your 9th month will bring. More growing and movement I'm sure. You are loved beyond measure. Your happiness is contagious. Thank you again for choosing us. x


Jo said...

What a beautiful post for a beautiful girl; and I feel so lucky having been able to see the two of you together this last month enjoying each other.

ps: looks like you've already mastered that new toy of yours, the photo's are amazing. You are a natural!

two little buttons said...

beautiful photos and what a beautiful post. despite all your haze and lack of sleep you still see the most wonderful simple things in your children, pure love. the way you have written this makes me soooo clucky. enjoy all those moments they pass too quickly.

Pip Pip Hooray said...

So fabulous Jules!!! what a gorgeous post.
Isn't the camera addictive? You'll be hooked for long while yet I'll bet. And what a gorgeous subject matter you have to be snap happy with :)
Did you paint that wall? I know you said you were talking about doing one? What a gorgeous photo that is with her overjoyed expression! Just gorgeous.
So happy to hear you're back in saddle. xoxo ♥♥

Spring's island art and life said...

Priceless precious and perfect!

leslie said...

i can't believe she is so big already! and talking!! crazy. really must arrange a catch up with you and jo soon before these kids get any bigger. xox

Leni and Rose said...

She's absolutely gorgeous! My little one is nearly 10 months, it's such a great age!