Monday, December 7, 2009

Handmade love

One of the perks of being friends with a creatively talented woman is that she shares the love around when there's something to celebrate. The birth of my baby girl was no exception.

Being a mother of 3 she is well versed in the sensitivities of the older sibling when a new one arrives. Jo arrived bearing a gift for S and one for Is. Both handmade. Both gorgeous.

Is was given this beautiful grab ball. I love the colours, the softness of it and its shape. Can't wait to see my baby girl playing with it in the near future.

S was treated to a Poppy doll - or dolly as S calls her. Jane dolly to be precise. She loves her. I love her. In fact I think one would be hard pressed to tell which of us loves her more. I found myself confiscating Jane last week because S stripped off her clothes and then dropped her from a great height to see how she'd land. Unperturbed is how she landed. Still, I was moved to take her to higher ground until S could treat her doll kindly.

An over-reaction? Perhaps. But oh, how I love her.

She even made a fuss of S by giving her a little photo shoot with her new doll. I've used her pic to show you Jane.

Thank you my friend for the time and love you put into these gifts. We love them! x

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