Monday, December 15, 2008

Wrap yourself in gratitude

With Christmas fast approaching, I've been trying to find gifts for friends and family that I haven't already given. I have been inspired by Soule Mama's gratitude wrap which she generously posted a free pattern download of recently. Not only did I love the concept of sharing gratitude which Amanda describes so beautifully, but I loved the idea of giving a gift that would inspire the recipient to share their own thoughts of gratitude.

As a beginner sewer I was stretched a bit by sewing on the binding neatly. Not only being a recovering people pleaser - but also a recovering perfectionist - I decided any imperfections were part of the creative process and the recipients would be less critical of my work than I.

Also, in typical me fashion, I paid little attention to the pattern in terms of measurements and pockets (for some reason I feel like falling asleep when reading a pattern as it tends to suck the joy out of creating...), but still managed to make a couple that basically represented the pattern which I was happy to give away as gifts.

The few I've made have been well received and it felt good to give something a bit different to people. I'll be doing a few more for upcoming birthday gifts. Perhaps you want to try one too? The free pattern can be found here.

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